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A number of people tend to be fearful of investing cash since they presume it might only be achieved by investing in issues in the stock market, government longer term treasury bonds or index funds. Better qualified investors might even consider R.E.I.T.S. (Real Estate Investment Trusts). Yet other investors might prefer as an possibility a precious metals Exchange traded fund or perhaps ownership of a mining conglomerate in order to get in to the metals trading markets. Should we start to think about some other alternative ways to generate money, we must be sure that it is not somewhere which is going to take your cash by deceptive tactics. Pay attention to much better, real assets which is able to increase your capital instead.
Here, we have chosen 4 categories of genuine alternative investment strategies to take into consideration in 2019.
P2P Lending

Peer to Peer Lending, known also as Peer to Peer investing, has only existed since about 2004. Online Peer-to-peer platforms offer financing to local companies, individual consumers, and just about anyone else imaginable. In the event you subscribe to the pool of lenders that are willing to loan funds to others, then the loan can be funded by you in the event the borrower is approved.
Banks generally don't take part in Peer-to-peer investing. Whenever an individual requests financing, each of the investments from the investors are usually put together, and then the financing is then given to the customer. You'll then obtain a set repayment monthly that also includes the interest you're owed . Returns through P2P financing are normally considerably greater than you would ever get from a high street bank.

The major risk using P2P investing is that you will be loaning to people which may not have been able to get a bank loan from a traditional bank or perhaps can’t use traditional loan outlets, which often can increase their likelihood to default. It is always good to understand though that you get to choose which loans you would like to invest in dependant on areas like the applicant's credit standing in addition to various other financing variables. Many p2p lenders such as Lending Works have what are called "Provison Funds" to protect their investors which pay to keep the lenders whole if loans should default.

Plenty of web sites evaluate numerous peer-to-peer loan companies and can help you to understand P2P loans. Here are one or two:
Landbay Blog
Obvious Investor Lending Blog
Proplend Blog
P2P Banking
Real Estate

Whilst you invest funds in real estate, it means you actually own it. Buy any sort of real estate, such as a commercial building such as an office complex and stores, then sit back and receive month-to-month lease repayments. Normally provided that you have the required deposit, a financial institution can provide a loan for the what's left. Payments from tenants, and any percentage the property has gone up in market value, goes straight to your bank account. There is also a smart way of capitalizing on this even more by getting together with other buyers & then combining capital so that you can invest in a property as a co-op. Spreading potential risk between a lot of individuals is a good idea, and there's also the probability you can speak to additional people who can help you in your future undertakings.
Another option is using a web based peer-to-peer lender that concentrates on real estate.
Numerous companies make it possible for individuals to invest in properties without the need to purchase it directly for example:
Funding Circle Blog

A few of these kinds of financial products often come with monthly fees as well as early exit expenses so make sure you do your own due diligence ahead of making an investment.

all gold
Precious metals such as Gold, Silver and Platinum have been utilized as cash for hundreds of years and as a security investment, they are tough to match. Precious metals is really a viable substitute for regular investments, or even better, when coupled with a smart mixture of assets, it may well stabilize and also balance any portfolio. Gold is viewed as a good diversifier due to its minimal correlation with other asset groups, particularly securities. You might have experienced as soon as the marketplace becomes volatile through conflicts & inflation, silver & gold will go up in value which explains why it's known as a safe haven asset.
Several choices are available to purchase precious metals, as an example purchasing from storage companies, and acquiring actual gold bullion through metal distributors, on the other hand exchange-traded funds can offer exposure without the need to pay storage fees.

Angel Investments (Crowdfunding)

Perhaps the prior three possibilities just weren't for you? So how about owning part of a start-up business? Startup companies that might need operating capital may offer shares of their companies on crowd funding platforms.
In case you invest in a company over an crowd-funding site, you own some of it therefore you will be rewarded in the event the company is successful. If the stock price not do well of course, then your investment might be gone.

If you wish to earn money investing, potential risk must be distributed between a variety of assets. This means you should think about many different stocks & bonds, it also means you can purchase non-stock asset options.

Here's a video I found that also talks about different kinds of alternative investments:

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